Shed Demolition Services by 2 Brothers


Shed Demolition Services  Baltimore/Annapolis

Thinking of haveing that old shed demolished? At 2 Brothers Hauling and Shed Demolition Services, we have torn down quite a few sheds and other outbuildings in our recent past. We take pride in our work and take special care not to damage the customers other property. So as part of the job, we go through a meticulous cleanup process to leave the space better than we found it. Do you  need of a Shed Demolition Service? Great service and prices are guarenteed.

Garage Demolition Service Baltimore/Annapolis

Want an old garage Demolished? We can accommodate you there also. A garage is normally built a lot better, and so much harder to take down. We will use a similar methodical process to take it down, safely and efficiently to free up some extra space. We consider this to be much like the Shed Demolition Services.

House Demolition Services Baltimore/Annapolis

Want to  take down a wood frame house? Then we can help you get it  done. House’s up to 3 stories are within our reach.  We will strip out the inside for anything that we can recycle and Demolish the rest. We can do de – construction also. Sometimes on old historic house’s we do this to save all of the architectural items we can. I save flooring, rails balusters, trim, doors, and Fireplace Mantels.

Row House Gut Outs Baltimore/Annapolis

A row house gut out is a different animal. The reason I say this is you need to know what is a bearing wall and what is not. I think you need to be knowledgeable of the good the bad and the ugly. What I mean is there seems to be a consensus that the only way to do a good job is to rip out nearly everything. I think this is a terrible waste,  remove the rotten, remove the Lead,  remove knob and tube, and old plumbing. But taking out the old floors should only be done when absolutely necessary! There is nothing nicer than resanded old wood floors. So stop wasting money and call 2 Brothers Hauling and Demolition today!


Best House Cleanout Service

Best House Cleanout Service

Cleaning out all the junk from your house can be an unwanted inconvenience. As well as a major hassle, and let’s be real here, who has the time? 2 Brothers Hauling and Demo is here to provide the best house cleanout service. We understand that sometimes things just pile up seemingly from nowhere. The garage gets full, then the attic, then the basement, where does it end? We’ll do all the cleanup for you. Take out any junk from your basement. Do a full basement cleanout for you. Has the attic gotten out of control? We do attic cleanouts too. Can’t see the car under all the junk? After our garage cleanout, your garage will be spotless.
Everyday junk pileups can be a pain. But when things get really bad after a disaster like a flood or fire. You shouldn’t have to add sorting through the mess to your already long list of things to do to get back on your feet. We offer fire damage cleanouts and if your basement gets flooded talk to us about the flooded basement cleanout package.

Hoarding Issues?

We also specialize in hoarder cleanouts. Hoarding is a serious condition that can cause a great amount of stress on the hoarder as well as their families. These situations need to be handled professionally and that’s what you’ll get with 2 Brothers. We understand that compulsive hoarding is such a difficult @brothers Hauling and Demo Basement Cluttersituation for all involved and are here to help. We’ll schedule the best time for you, arrive promptly and work efficiently. We’ll work with you to provide a compassionate and respectful approach to the cleanup in order to ensure a 100% stress-free process.
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The Dangers of Hoarding

pic of clutter


Hoarding is a serious issue that affects 2-5% of adults. Hoarding has only recently, 2013, been categorized as an official mental disorder manifesting in sufferers either on its own or as a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder (O.C.D.)

What is hoarding?
Hoarding is a mental disorder where sufferers compulsively collect, or hoard, items, food, even animals and never getting rid of them. Their homes begin to become overrun with piles and piles of junk that the hoarder just can’t seem to part with due to increased anxiety caused by an obsession or sometimes superstitious thoughts gone array.

Dangers of Hoarding
Hoarders are victims of an unwanted mental disorder and should not be made to feel bad about their behavior but encouraged to seek help not only for themselves but also for any person or animal that may live with them.

Some of the dangers associated with hoarding are:

Health issues: with a house so cluttered it’s hard to walk falls are bound to happen and falls can mean piles of hoarded items falling on top of the hoarder, a risk which shouldn’t be taken lightly. The health issues don’t stop at accidents however, hoarding is usually accompanied by a lack of cleanliness making hoarders’ homes a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and sometimes animal feces which can all cause respiratory illnesses and other health related afflictions.

Fire safety: The homes of hoarders can be hard to enter as well as to leave. This can be troublesome if a fire were to start, their hoarded items tend to block exits making it hard to leave. The weight of collected items on a second story, for example, Dangers of Hoarding has been known to damage the structural integrity of the home thereby creating a hazard not only in the case of fire safety but also in the case of safety in general.

Children: All these risks are of special concern if a child is living in the home. The department of children and families can legally remove a child from a home if the environment is deemed unsafe. Sadly this is usually the case with extreme hoarders and is just another example of how hoarding can tear families apart.

Animal well-being: Hoarders tend to forget they even have animals sometimes resulting in the domesticated animal reverting to feral behavior in the search for food or dying due to neglect.

If you find yourself in need of a House Clean Out, Please give us a call.

5 Reasons To Clean Out that Basement!

I think most folks keep their Basement nice and clean, but sometimes they get out of hand, at least once in their lifetime. When that happens it could get real ugly. As a matter of fact, we have seen some really cluttered and or trashed Basements. It is quite remarkable the kinds of stuff that people put into their Basements.

I have seen empty cardboard boxes, boxes of  clothing, furniture, stereos, TVs, pet cages of all kinds, pets of all kinds, bicycles, tools, toys, canoes, paddles, pictures, old appliances, and boxes and boxes of old junk mail and files over 20 years old…if this is what you are dealing with, or anything like this. You need to ask yourself “is it time to clean my basement?”

Most basements are below grade, sometimes by 6 feet or more. This can cause a moisture problem. Everyone knows if you have a high moisture content in the basement you will probably end up with mold. You don’t want to have a problem with mold, it is hazardous to your health and is sometimes deadly. So here are some good reasons to “Clean my basement”.

#1 Reason to Clean My Basement

Living Space, Everyone wants to make a good impression on their family and neighbors. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy and use all parts of their house, and feel good about being in a space meant for relaxation, or reading. Maybe you want to watch TV or the kids have company and want to get together by themselves. You and your family should be able to use the space comfortably and safely, anytime you like.

#2 Reason to Clean My Basement 

A Mancave!, Okay maybe not everybody would agree with my choices or the order of the list,( LOL). But it is a very good reason. I mean sometimes a man needs a little time to himself. After carrying huge Logs on his shoulder from the bottom of the hill, only to load them on a truck a mile away. Gets a little hard, day after day, and we need some rest!(maybe that’s a little exaggerated) But all the same, I am sure you ladies can appreciate that, right?

#3 Reason to Clean My Basement

A Theater, Yea maybe you and the family want to have a movie night. Maybe you want to have extended family movie night, (no more than once a month of course).  Maybe you want movie night every night? It’s your home, go for it. Just think of it, The Incredible Hulk, some Buttery Popcorn and your Wife, kids and even the dog!

#4 Reason to Clean My Basement

An Apartment, Surely you could use another source of income? As long as you have a full bath and some kind of Kitchenette, your in Business! Maybe you want to move your Parents or In-law’s in, so you can help them out. I am assuming that your basement is finished. And you won’t have a problem with any noise issues.

#5 Reason to Clean My Basement

And Last, Storage, You need to build shelves and organize everything so you know exactly what you have and Donate anything that you don’t need. What is there that you don’t need? those in the know say that if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, then you probably don’t need it. So that sounds like a good idea to me, sort, organize, donate and repeat. Till everything is looking good!

Cluttered Basement

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